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We have over 30 years experience of repairing cameras and Camcorders from all major manufacturers.

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in compact, SLR digital cameras and camcorders.

Canon Camera repair        Nikon Camera Repair

Reasons to choose Camera Repair Center:

  • Quick turnaround, because of our extensive experience and inventory we can offer expert repairs at the lowest prices and the fastest turnaround. In most cases repairs are completed within 3-5 business days*.
  • Dealing direct with repair center, rather than via shops/dealers that put a mark up on the repair.
  • Your equipment will be serviced by Factory Trained Technicians, using state-of-the-art technology, to help ensure continued optimal image quality.

Get Your Free Repair Quote online now use our Estimate Request Form and tell us which model you have and what the problem is. We will give you an estimate within two working hours.

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Common problems in Canon DSLR

  • Broken LCD screen
  • Flash does not pop-up properly (Err 05) or does not fire
  • Bent or broken card reader pins/eject arm (Err 02, Err CF or no CF)
  • Buttons stopped responding
  • Auto Focus is not moving or does not lock on subject (searches only)
  • HDMI or USB port does not work
  • Mirror Operations, Shutter, Lens Communication problem (Err 99, Err 01)
  • Pictures with spots (image sensor or lens needs cleaning)
  • Shutter does not release or is not working (black picture)
  • Mirror fell out or is broken
  • Memory card does not lock into place
  • Busy signal, camera does not release
  • Power intermittent or No power
  • Other camera errors (Err 20, Err 30, Err 40, Err 50, Err 70, Err 80)

Why repair?

Most cameras and Camcorders purchased within the last few years can be repaired economically. Before throwing away your broken camera, why not get an estimate for the repair, you have nothing to lose.

Have you also considered:

  • You have grown comfortable with the functionality and features of your camera and do not want to learn a new one.
  • You have a significant investment in lenses and other accessories that might not be compatible with a new unit.
  • The environmental impact of disposing of your old camera, when you could repair it.

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