We specialize in Canon EOS DSLR camera repairs. If your Canon EOS DSLR 90D is not working properly, shows Errors (Err 99, Err 01, Err 02, Err CF) has broken LCD screen, broken card reader pins, broken shutter, flash problem, camera is not taking pictures or is taking bad quality pictures we can help you to resolve these problems quickly.

Our diagnostic software for Canon EOS 90D cameras shows us the internal codes of the problems with explanation what needs to be repaired and which parts we need to replace.

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Common Problems in Canon 90D

  • Shutter, Mirror Operations or Lens Communication (Err 99, Err 01)
  • Camera does not communicate with battery
  • Camera does not read/format SD memory cards
  • Bent or broken SD card reader pins
  • SD Memory card does not lock into place
  • Flash does not pop-up properly (Err 05) or does not fire
  • Auto Focus is not moving or is not locking on subject (searches only)
  • Pictures with spots (Image sensor or lens needs cleaning)
  • Shutter does not release or is not working (Err 30)
  • No power or power intermittent
  • Broken LCD screen
  • Buttons stopped responding
  • Busy signal, camera does not release
  • Sensor self-cleaning not working (Err 06)
  • View finder out of focus (loose optic inside VF)
  • USB or HDMI port does not work
  • Other camera errors (Err 20, Err 40, Err 50, Err 70, Err 80)


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