Sony A7R Camera Repair Center

  • Your equipment will be serviced by Sony Factory Trained Technicians, using state-of-the-art technology, to help ensure continued optimal image quality.
  • Dealing direct with repair center, rather than via shops/dealers that put a mark up on the repair.
  • Quick turnaround, because of our extensive experience and inventory we can offer expert repairs at the lowest prices and the fastest turnaround. In most cases repairs are completed within 3-5 business days*.
  • One day rush service is available, email us for more details.*

We specialize in Sony A7R camera repairs. If your Sony A7R is not working properly,  has broken LCD screen, broken card reader pins, broken shutter, camera is not taking pictures or is taking bad quality pictures we can help you to resolve these problems quickly.

Our diagnostic software for Sony A7R cameras shows us the internal codes of the problems with explanation what needs to be repaired and which parts we need to replace.

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Common Problems in Sony A7R

    • No Power, Power problems.
    • LCD Display Panel is Broken or Doesn’t Turn On
    • Viewfinder Lens Is Shattered,  Broken or Cracked.
    • Spots of Debris on CMSO Sensor.
    • Shutter Replacement. Shutter Is Stuck or Shutter blades are Broken,
    • Lens Mount is Loose or Broken.
    • HDMI Port Is Broken, HDMI Looses Connection Or Doesn’t Work, No HDMI Output.
    • Mode Dial, Exposure Dial, And Adjustment Knobs Not Working or Are Intermittent.
    • Memory Card Reader Slot Is Broken, Doesn’t Work or Card Doesn’t Lock in or Stay in the Slot. Card Reader Pins May Be Bent.
    • Microphone Jack Not Working or Loose and Intermittent.
    • Camera Does Not Switch Back and Forth Between LCD and EVF eyepiece. Finder Monitor Auto Switch Not Working.
    • Impact damage,  Physical Damage.
    • Was Splashed or Submerged In Liquid or Water. Liquid, or Moisture Damage.


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